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Membership is FREE and open all individuals who agree to the terms below.

The purpose of the Highland County T.E.A. Party, herein referred to as The TEA Party, is to effect positive change in local, state, and federal government by assembling local citizens for the education of individuals and discussion of federal, state, and local issues, elected officials, and candidates to:

  • A. Promote the principles of limited government and free markets, to encourage fiscal restraint at all levels of government, and to demand adherence to the United States Constitution.
  • B. Join together with the common goal of protecting individual liberties.
  • C. Provide oversight and accountability of elected officials.

As a Highland County Tea Party Member, I certify, that I have read and will adhere to the principles, the Ohio and U.S. Constitution, and the Code of Conduct for the Highland County Tea Party.

Code of Conduct

  • A. The Founders provided us with an enduring set of rules for pursuing and effecting change in our nation. The TEA Party respects the rule of law and processes for political and policy action established by the US Constitution.
  • B. In all actions, TEA Party members are expected to uphold the principles and values of the TEA Party, and the US Constitution. This includes actions taken by members during public rallies or demonstrations, online or through social media, and interaction with people, regardless of their behavior or political views.
  • C. Accordingly, the following is expected of each member:
    • Engage in peaceful public discourse. Respect the rule of law and the processes for political and policy action established by the Constitution.
    • Refrain from all forms of personal slurs or insults based on race, creed, religion, or politics, etc.
    • Refrain from any unlawful or violent behavior in the pursuit of policy or political objectives.
  • D. Members found in violation of any provision of The Code of Conduct shall be subject to revocation of membership in accordance with Article III Section 2.

Any person who violates this Code of Conduct is automatically disqualified as to identification in or with the Highland County Tea Party.

To become a member please fill out and submit the form below.

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