May 21 Meeting – COMMON CORE

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Common Core issue headed up by Linda Sprinkle, Education Chairperson

Common Core is Rotten to the Core

Common Core: Subversive Threat to Education

Please listen educate your self and take a STAND to PROTECT your family.

May God hear us all from Heaven and respond.

Below is a Link : your children are worth taking the time to listen. All other activities are Not as important as our children’s hearts and minds.

Ben Swann Exposes Common Core Education Curriculum

Would you like to get in depth training on Common Core in one sitting?

This is one of the biggest issues facing our States rights and Federal control of Education.

It is 2.5 hours long and is exactly every point you need to understand both sides of the argument.

Long but packed with extremely important facts about our future.

Here’s your education on Education!!! Your education on Common Core…

Part 1…

Education is changing in the United States by misleading information and political manipulation.

Part 2…

States will no longer be in charge of what is being taught and a national progressive agenda is being set up to take over with NO say going to parents, teachers, local administrators and local school boards.

Part 3…

Our children will be traced and tracked from kindergarten through college and into career paths with personal and family information being shared and dissected by the Federal Government.

Part 4…

Helping for the future by comparing is untrue. Molding thinking and sameness is programmed as more desirable than personal development.

Part 5…

Where is this taking us as a Nation? We need to be alarmed and move into action to protect our Children.

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