March 18 Meeting – HEALTHCARE

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We examined the Healthcare issue…we began by looking at how Medicare and Medicaid works.

What is Medicaid Video

We investigated how our Healthcare is delivered in Highland County and looked at the structure and make up of Highland District Hospital.
A surprising fact to most was that almost all of our area’s physicians are actually employees of the hospital.

We went on to look at Socialized Medicine one suggestion for our area and came to the conclusion…bad idea.

Our current issue is Proposed Medicaid Expansion in Ohio. Governor Kasich’s proposed budget wants the expansion.

We discovered that in Medicaid, the quality of care was poor or access to care, seeing doctors in a timely fashion, was poor.

And the expense to taxpayers was terrible.

Why would we expand a system that was working poorly for everyone?

So we researched the other states looking for a better solution to our immediate issue, Medicaid Expansion, and we found one!

We discussed it’s merits and formed a task force to explore this idea further and “push” the information forward to our elected officials.

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