June Meeting

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Greetings fellow patriots!  We hope you’ll join us for our June meeting on Monday, June 16th at 7:00 p.m.at the Hi-Tec Center in Hillsboro!  For our June meeting, we are privileged to have our own local medical professional, Dr. Jeff Beery coming to speak on the implications of the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care), otherwise known by many as the Unaffordable Careless Act.  Additionally, we will have Pastor Brent Williamson of A House of Prayer (AHOP) Hillsboro church to fill us in on recent issues with the Hillsboro City School Board and Superintendent related to the church renting space in Hillsboro Elementary School for Sunday services.  (Think First Amendment here!) Light refreshments will be served as well.

I will also be sharing a couple of recent news stories related to Obama Care which should provide a nice lead-in to Dr. Beery.

For our July meeting, I am pleased to announce that we will have a true patriot, Mr. Ron Edwards, coming down from Detroit to speak on, among other things, the current administration attempting to turn America into “one Big Detroit”.  You will be sorry if you miss this! Ron is the host of the syndicated “The Edwards Notebook” heard on 15 stations of the Republic Broadcasting Network.  Please plan ahead to join us on July 21st for what I’m sure will be a clear call to action! Check out his website at http://www.theronedwards.com/ or look him up on YouTube for a preview of what you’ll hear that evening.

I and the entire leadership team look forward to having you join us next Monday at 7 p.m.!

Dennis Egbert, President

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