June 17 Meeting – IMMIGRATION

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Our June meeting on Immigration was timely as we gathered the facts and impact of this monumental legislation.

There was a Nationwide March on our Capital July 15th to oppose this destructive bill. Scheduling, sign up and all information can be found at: http://www.dcmarchforjobs.com

Local contact and transportation can be found on our Home page http://highlandcountyteaparty.com

As we approach our Independence Day and recommit to our founding principles we imagine what it was like that day long ago…

As children were guided by parents at our founding, today we are fighting to continue that parental connection to learning as we oppose Common Core, the Federal intrusion and take over of local control of our schools.

Tonight at 8:30pm EDT we can join Concerned Women of America as they host a national conference call on Common Core. Tied to Federal money, the progressive Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSS) will be devastating to parent’s rights, teachers ability to teach and our respective states’ education system.

Please stay informed. Call early for a start time of 8:30 pm EDT … Dial (760) 569-7676, and enter the access code 303989 to join.

Our Founders offer us inspiration to face the challenges we have today to honor our Republic and all those who sacrificed to continue our Constitution and honorable service to our Country.

Will you be putting up the flag?

Blessings to you and your family and our Country!

We approached this issue looking at four things:

  • People & Process – who are the originators and pushers and how did they do the pushing it forward
  • Jobs – the effect to current citizens and future job availability
  • Enforcement/Border Security & Safety – does it fix border security and stop terrorist infiltration
  • Tax Burdens & Benefits Eligibility – how and who pays for increased expenditures

We discovered that the current bill fails miserably on all points.

Specifically for Ohio, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a national, nonprofit, non-partisan group states in it’s report The Costs of Illegal Immigration to Ohioans that Ohio has a rapidly growing illegal alien population of about 110,000 persons, nearly tripling since 2001 and costs the state’s taxpayers an estimated $879 million per year.

We asked, in this time of absolute focus on increasing jobs and belt tightening in Ohio, how in the world could this bill possibly help our state? Answer…it won’t! It will cause further pain and damage to our fragile economy and families.

We looked at the specific issues and representatives trying to stop it…

We were shocked and disgusted as we learned from Channel 13 in Indiana how illegal immigrants and the IRS are stealing taxpayer monies and how legislators and the Obama Administration are doing nothing to stop it.

We looked at the statistics and impact for JOBS…

The leading opponent Senator Jeff Sessions, R from Alabama stated in a press release,
"The wages of working Americans have been falling since 1999. But the immigration bill hurtling to a vote in the Senate would add 30 million mostly lower-skill legal immigrants over the next decade — tripling the current legal immigration rate. It would also double the number of guest workers. The result is devastating. According to the Congressional Budget Office, "The average wage would be lower than under current law over the first dozen years," while unemployment would be higher. Your tax burden would rise as well. Today’s low-income illegal immigrants would be given immediate amnesty under the Senate’s immigration plan. When this happens, they would become instantly eligible for state and local benefits, in addition to generous federal tax credits. Later on, they would eventually become eligible for all federal assistance programs."

We listened as he outlined the issue with Lou Dobbs…

Our membership in a discussion agreed how destructive this bill will be if passed. Our plan of action…

It will provide…

  • Immediate amnesty without enforcement
  • Weakened interior enforcement
  • Legalization for gang members and convicted criminals
  • Unprecedented amnesty for future visa overstays
  • There is no border surge—agents aren’t required until 2021 which means it will never happen—and DHS retains the explicit waiver authority to build no fence and install no technology at all.
  • A dramatic increase in low-skill legal immigration that CBO says will reduce wages for U.S. workers

Call Rob Portman, 202-224-3353; Sherrod Brown, 202-224-2315; Mitch McConnell, 202-224-2541. If they vote for the Amnesty Bill and it becomes law as currently written, we will never be able to remove, revise or deny amnesty to any illegal immigrant. Our very sovereignty as a Nation is at stake.

Tyranny continues to unfold before our eyes on a daily basis.
Here’s a recap from Liberty News…

Do you wonder…What can I do? This is getting so unbelievable…

There are things you can do. There has never been a more important time to connect with like-minded citizens.

We will not back down. We will not slow down. We will not be intimidated. We will continue to investigate and expose those elected officials on the local, state and national level who like to benefit themselves and their friends and are more concerned with “ruling” constituents than serving them.

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