April 28 Meeting – LT. LUCAS EVENT

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April 28th Meeting…We’ve Been Added To The Victory Wall

The Highland and Fayette County Tea Party groups sponsored Terrorism Expert Lt. Lucas (Ret.) and our event became embroiled in a series of developments with national implications.

Lt. Lucas and other active and retired Military, Secret Service, State Department, Immigration, ATF and Homeland Security personnel have formed a group concerned about directives and actions they believe are meant to change and ultimately harm our country. Within their constitutional and duty limits, they have been speaking out with specifics and documentation outlining the serious breaches of security and leadership.

Thirty six hours before our event, Lt. Lucas received a sealed directive prohibiting him from public appearances. “This has happened three other times and appears to be a harassing technique because, prior to the actual hearing, all accusations were dropped”, he confided. The “gag order” type action is costly in legal fees and troubling to the families who have already sacrificed for their loved one’s service.

Lt. Lucas reassured us that he would enlist the help of a colleague to cover our event. Within hours it became clear that this was a widespread coordinated effort to silence particular people and information. As Lt Lucas made calls, it emerged that eighteen decorated and honorable personnel in the Midwest had been served with “gag orders” similar to Lt. Lucas.

One member of Lt. Lucas’ group came up with the idea of a call in program to circumvent the order. Subsequently, we were joined by Dave Martin, a radio talk show host who drove down from Columbus to help us.

Joined by a telephone and microphone, we connected with him and heard startling and compelling information and documentation.

We started with a Video…Muslim Demographics…

Immigration and border control policies along with the “turning off” of the low altitude radar at our southern border is allowing immigrants and militant islamists to pour into the US. They are greeted and immediately signed up for food stamps, housing and medical services.

He spoke of Benghazi and the connections to Russia and China in the region and the role the State Department had in the loss of our Ambassador and military personnel. The most riveting information was concerning the recent Boston bombing. “They left a paper trail to Saudi Arabia this time, so there will be no question of false or misleading data”, Lt. Lucas reiterated.

A question and answer period allowed the audience to question the Mainstream Media’s ownership and the alternative sources for the most accurate news. The Mainstream Media appears to be backed, through various corporations, to Saudi Arabia.

An interesting question was about accuracy and bias with Fox News, generally accepted as the best of the “main streamers”. Lt Lucas shared that at the inception and while they were small, Fox News did a pretty good job. As they grew in listenership, shares of stock were purchased until they told Glenn Beck what he could and couldn’t say. Beck left and started his own network. Lt. Lucas felt the news reporting on the Blaze and Glenn Beck was the most vetted and accurate.

The information was at times disconcerting and at other times confirming previous information and views. We are so grateful to Lt. Lucas for bringing the information and sharing with us.

The following day we were made aware that the word had gone out to the rest of the group how to circumvent the order and that Victory Walls were being created in offices around the country testifying that information is still getting out! Ant our event is way up top of those Victory Walls. We have also added Lt. Lucas’ RSS Feed to our website…Headline, Everything You Don’t Want To Know…

Ben Swann, formerly of Channel 19 Realty Check, recently posted a video titled, Liberty Is Rising and thanks to people like Lt. Lucas it is.

It was great joining forces with Fayette County Tea Party!

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