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Overview of the Hillsboro Community Tea Party

The Highland County T.E.A. Party is a grassroots, non-partisan organization of private citizens united by our shared values. Our mission is to organize like-minded individuals, educate and inform others based on our core values, to secure public policy consistent with those values, and to positively affect the outcome of elections. We focus on three unifying core values:

(1) Free markets – The government must stop trying to control the economy by manipulating the interest rates and printing more money. They should not interfere with simple contract laws in the interest of fairness. Prosperity has been proven throughout history to be the result of a free market economy.

(2) Fiscal responsibility – The government must stop spending more than it brings in. Every business and individual understands this reckless course of action always results in disaster.

(3) Limited government – The Founding Fathers wrote the U.S. Constitution to impose strict limitations on the Federal Government control over the states and individual citizens. New laws are being made every day. Living and doing business in this country has become too complicated due to excessive government control.

Our supporting documents are the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United State. Short term plans include organizing,, education, and getting to know one another to form an efficient productive group. Long term plans are to return the country back to the core values of our founding fathers. Our associations with other like-minded groups locally and nationally provide us with quality resources to achieve our goals.

Our methods: Giving Voice to the American People, Education of Americans to the Founding principles, Impacting Elections by sending virtuous Americans to serve the People.

Before we consider too many actions, it’s helpful to look at the overall goal of the tea party movement:

To secure public policy consistent with our core values, allowing for a re-balance of our government from federal dominance to state and local governance that is constitutionally vested in the sovereign authority of the whole people.

Activities of any group should support that overall goal. So, the intent of each community tea party should be influencing elections for the betterment of America, promoting state sovereignty (Federalism), and compelling our elected officials to comply with the Constitution as written by our Founders.

To accomplish these goals, community tea parties can:
• Educate the community
• Unite like-minded people
• Act together toward a common purpose

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