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Meet Mary Taylor

Candidate for Ohio Governor
(Currently Lt. Governor)
Big Ideas…Big Changes…For Ohio…
And Highland County…
There are now, three Republican Candidates Running 
in the May Primary for Governor…
Mike DeWine, currently Attorney General
(Jon Husted left the race and joined Mike DeWine
 to run as Lt. Governor a few days after
his appearance at the Highland County Tea Party )
Jim Renacci, currently US Congressman
Mary Taylor
Gather friends, family and neighbors to meet Mary and hear her story…
Shake her hand, look her in the eye, ask questions…
Learn her plans for
• Opioid Epidemic 
• Healthcare in Ohio
Stay Informed… Stay Involved…

          Monday, December 18th…Hi Tec Center, 1475 N. High St, Hillsboro, OH

We will look for YOU…don’t miss our meetings!

Join Us For New Roads to Truth & Freedom

Stay Informed…Stay Involved…

Heather Gibson, President Highland County Tea Party



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